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About us

Garden Center is an import Company which deals in wholesale and retail of horticultural products and accessories. We are known as “The Green Oases of Belgrade” because of the enjoyable ambient and the largest selection of plants in our retail stores in Vidikovac and Zemun. We provide everything available to consumer in one place.

Wide selection of fresh, high quality plants and products at reasonable price and class service. We set ourselves apart from other garden centers by exceeding the needs of our customers and offering the highest quality product, service and plant materialfrom exclusive distributors from all over the world and our country. You can find everything in one place for your garden, balcony, house or business space. 

We also offer a variety of services, such as indoor and outdoor decoration with live and artificial plants, counseling, designing, planning, and maintaining green areas and plants.

Bio-decoration is one of most attractive service and our team can provide you with complete interior and exterior decoration. Look at a complete presentation of our daughter company GARDEN ING.

Trying to be up to date with the world trends, we have organized workshops that provide students with training on how to make flower arrangements. The lecturers are renowned authorities in this field of expertise from all over the world. We also work together with our educational facilities and organize special courses and trainings. 

Our retail stores are unique in its decoration and size. We strive to be the best in all areas of our business by anticipating and exceeding the needs of our customers, therefore we organize different manifestations, such as Garden plants show, or the presentations of products of our assosiates.

Our aim is to provide our customers with only the best, so that they can find everything they need for their garden or house in one place.

We invite you to visit our Green oases and find something for yourself.


Indoor and house plants - We offer a wide selection of indoor plants, such as annuals, perennials, flower plants, decorative plants, cactuses, and others…

Garden plants - Trees, shrubs, conifers, leafy trees, herbs, vegetables and others. We deal with leading nurseries from all over the world and in our country. Beside garden plants we offer a great number of seedling plants.

Gardening tools - Lawnmowers, trimmers, saws, hedge scissors, secateurs, clippers, and others. Complete irrigation and fountain line.

Seeds and bulbs - Seeds for all kinds of flowers, grass, vegetables, and variety of bulbs.

Nutrition and solutions - Wide selection of all purpose and special solutions. Artificial and organic fertilizers, protective chemicals.

Flower arrangements - for all types of occasions. Fresh flowers, dry, artificial and silk, mini gardens with house plants decoration, and others. Choose something from our offer or order specially arranged for you.

Accessories - In our retail stores you can find all the necessary details for decorating your home or garden. You can buy already made decorations, or choose something and make your own arrangement with the assistance of our professionals.

  • wide selection of glassware for all purposes
  • dry and silk flowers
  • basket of all dimensions and shapes
  • accessories for florists
  • ribbons and decorative papers
  • season decoration – for New Year, Easter, Halloween,  Woman’s Day, Valentine
  • candlelight and candlesticks, garden ornaments

Pots and coverings - Indoor and outdoor flower pots. Ceramic flower pots and coverings, armatures, aluminized pots, and many more…They come in all shapes and sizes.


Next to large selection of products we offer a number of services regarding plant care, decoration and space arrangement, home decoration, as well as wedding venues or banquet rooms, and many more.

  • protection service – provide your plant with only the best, get advice from our employees over the phone, or make an appointment for them to come to you, personally inspect the plant and council you how to proceed next.
  • plant service – for plants bought in our stores we offer plant dibbling in any kind of pots of your choosing
  • transport service – if you’re not able to collect your plant, or it is too large for your personal vehicle, we can ship it for you on a required address
  • plant rental service – you can rent plants or accessories for celebrations, presentations, press conferences and other occasions
  • wedding organization – if you are not able to manage everything and want to make that special day even more special, visit us, consult with our expert team and we’ll make all you dreams come true
  • decorative wrappings – wrap you gift differently than others, for every festivity and occasion, we’ll make it special. Whether the plant or a present is bought in our store, or you brought your own, we’ll wrap it up for you in every way you choose.

Online shop and catalogue presentation

 Apart from the listed products, we can offer you a large assortment of products ordered specially for you. A wide selection of catalogues for you to choose from, or you can order arrangements custom made by our experts especially for you.

In a modern era of fast living, we don’t often have time to go somewhere and do the shopping, spend time to choose a present, wait in lines to pay… Garden Centar offers you a possibility to do your shopping while sitting comfortably in your chair. All you need is a computer, and you are one click away from desired product. Look at our catalogue presentation, order by phone or make an online purchase.



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